Escuela de esquí Pal Arinsal

Ski school and classes

Pal Arinsal resort is home to two alpine ski and snowboard schools, one in Pal and the other in Arinsal. Our qualified multilingual instructors will help you learn the ropes or perfect your technique, whatever your ability and chosen discipline. From beginners who have never put on a pair of skis before to experts looking to fine-tune their style and explore every last millimetre of the resort. 

Both individual and group classes are available, based on your needs. For a more premium option, give Top Class a try.


Escola d'esquí Pal

Private classes

Private classes are perfect for skiers who want a one-to-one learning experience in a laid-back and personalised setting. You'll have the instructor's undivided attention, which will help you come on leaps and bounds, and the methodology can be fully adapted to your specific requirements. 

These classes are highly flexible as you can choose the time and day that best suits you and, depending on availability, the language you want the class to be given in. 


Private lessons 2023-2024

Private lessonsHours / dayHigh seasonLow seasonSuplement personBuy
Private lessons (10 h - 14 h)2 hours 133 €122 €+8 €Online
Private lessons (9 h - 10 h i 14 h - 17 h)2 hours 112,50 €105 €+8 €
Private lessons (10 h - 14 h)6 hours 357,50 €329 €+24 €
Private lessons (9 h - 10 h i 14 h - 17 h)6 hours 334 €307,50 €+24 €
Private lessons10 hours 564,50 €527 €+40 €


  • Preus per persona.
  • Màxim 6 persones per monitor.
  • Preus vàlids si es comencen les classes tots els dies al mateix horari.
  • Per assegurar una adequada progressió en les classes, Pal Arinsal aconsella que per a reserves de particulars de 2 persones o més, els clients han de tenir edat i nivell similars.
  • IMPORTANT: Per realitzar qualsevol servei d'Escola és imprescindible disposar d'un Forfet de Dia/Multidia/Temporada/Plus+ vàlid en les dates de contractació del servei. Queda exclosa la modalitat de Forfet Vianant i Debutant.
Clases particulaes Pal

Group classes

Group classes are ideal for groups of people with a similar skiing ability. These classes provide you with a great opportunity to meet and get to know other skiers. The group dynamic can help motivate you to challenge yourself and improve your performance. 

They have a specific timetable, so make sure you read all the information before your visit. 


Group lessons 2023 - 2024

LessonsHoursHigh seasonLow seasonBuy skiBuy snowboard
Adult - Junior group15 hours (5 days: 3 h/day)181 €164,50 €OnlineOnline
12 hours (4 hours: 3 h/day)165 €151 €OnlineOnline
9 hours (3 hours: 3 h/day)147 €133,50 €OnlineOnline
Children group (6-11 years)15 hours (5 hours: 3 h/day)169,50 €152 €OnlineNot available
12 hours (4 hours: 3 h/day)152 €137,50 €OnlineNot available
9 hours (3 hours: 3 h/day)136,50 €121 €OnlineNot available
Weekends*6 hours (2hours: 3 h/ day)99 €89,50 €Online Online
1 day beginners3 hours (1 day: 3 h/ day)60 €53,50 €Online Not available


  • Group classes are in different languages. Whenever possible, the school will give the course in the relevant languages. However, in order to guarantee an instructor in the desired language, it is recommended to book private lessons.
  • The school reserves the right to change the teacher and the group during the course.
  • The client must arrive at the school 30 minutes before the timetable confirmed at the time of purchase. If the timetable is not confirmed, it is compulsory to arrive at the school before 10 am.
  • If the duration of the lesson is between 2 seasons, please consult prices online. The price will be calculated proportionally according to the number of days of each season.
  • IMPORTANT: in order to use any of the School's services, it is essential to have a Day/Multi-Day/Multi-Season/Plus+ ski pass valid on the dates on which the service is contracted. The pedestrian and beginner ski passes are excluded.


  • Alpine skiing or snowboarding.
  • Snowboard: available from 12 years of age.

Start of service:

  • Lessons start on Mondays and Saturdays for the 15h, 12h, and 9h courses, and only on Saturdays for the 6h courses.
  • In the event that a special departure has been established, it will only be available for the 15h, 12h and 9h courses.
Top Class Pal Arinsal

Top Class

Top Class is our highest premium type of private class. This exclusive service is given by our expert instructors, who will provide you with advice and guidance throughout your stay at the resort. Classes are recorded, and by studying the video the classes can apply a highly personalised method. 


Top Class 2023 - 2024

ClassHigh seasonLow seasonSuplement personBuy
1/2 day (4 h)309 €276 €+16 €Online
1 day (8 h)451,50 €416 €+32 €


  • Prices per person.
  • Maximum of 6 people per group.
  • Prices valid for all classes that begin at the same time each day.
  • To ensure an appropriate progression in classes, Pal Arinsal advised that for reservations of private lessons of 2 people or more, clients must have similar age and level.
  • Category: ski, snowboard, freestyle ski, freestyle snowboard, freeride ski and freeride snowboard.
  • IMPORTANT: to book any of the school’s services, you must have a valid Day/Multi-day/Season/Plus+ pass for the dates in question. Pedestrian, Debutant passes and Mountain pass are excluded.

Ski school season calendar