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Discover an exciting mountain biking experience through the mountains, a landmark for riders seeking adrenaline in an incomparable environment, adapted for all levels.

Bike Park

Explore up to 60 km of trails with over 1,000 meters of elevation difference, adapted to different skill levels, from beginners to experts, allowing everyone to enjoy the facilities.

PassKids (6-11 years old)Junior (12-17 years old)Adult (18-64 years old)Senior (65-74 years old)Buy
Bike Park 1 day€ 23.50€ 23.50€ 35€ 23.50Online
Bike Park 2 days€ 43€ 43€ 66€ 43Online
Bike Park 3 days€ 61.50€ 61.50€ 93€ 61.50Online
Bike Park 4 days€ 78€ 116€ 78€ 78Online
Bike Park 5 days€ 92.50€ 92.50€ 140€ 92.50Online
Bike Park 6 days€ 102€ 102€ 159€ 102Online

Bike Park conditions

  • All passes must be used on consecutive days.
  • The free baby pass must be requested at the ticket office and it is mandatory to present a document, with a photo, that certifies the age. All passes are personal and non-transferable. The amount will not be refunded in case of loss and no returns will be accepted once delivered.

Bike Park passes + Combo sandwich

2024 summer season

 Adults (18-64 years)Junior (12-17 years)1Kids (6-11 years)2Senior (65-74 years)3Buy
Full day bike pass + Combo sandwich€ 47€ 35,50€ 35,50€ 35,50Online
Bike Park 2 consecutive days + Combo sandwich€ 90€ 67€ 67€ 67Online
Bike Park 3 consecutive days + Combo sandwich€ 129€ 97,50€ 97,50€ 97,50Online
Bike Park 4 consecutive days + Combo sandwich€ 164€ 126€ 126€ 126Online
Bike Park 5 consecutive days + Combo sandwich€ 200€ 152,50€ 152,50€ 152,50Online
Bike Park 6 consecutive days + Combo sandwich€ 231€ 174€ 174€ 174Online

Bike park Passes + Combo Sandwich conditions

1) Junior (12–17 years): Born between 2007 and 2012. Official proof of age required.

2) Child (6-11 years): Born between 2013 and 2018. Official proof of age required.

3)  Senior bike pass (65–74 years): Born between 1950 and 1959. Direct sale at ticket office. Official proof of age required. 

4) Baby bike pass : Baby is considered a child born in 2019 or later. Free ski pass. Direct collection at the ticket office. Accreditation document required.

Free access with all types of season ski pass 23-24 (except Mountain Pass).

Important Information:  The lower part of the Bike Part can only be accessed via the La Massana cable car.

All ski passes are personal and non-transferable. The amount will not be paid in the event of loss, and no refund will be given once the voucher is delivered.

The bike pass does not include insurance. You can buy in the ticket office, for €12/ day.  It needs to be bought separately and only includes the activities performed inside the park. For more information: Consultar aquí

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